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Friday, February 8, 2013

Back? Maybe!

1. I have been terrible at blogging and have really contemplated giving it up all together. I don't have a huge following, (not that I need one) but then I realized that someday my kids may just want to know who their mom is behind the Mom exterior they always see. So I will continue and maybe someday print out a copy for them.
2. I have been having a tough time with the new career/job that the hubby has. It takes him away from home for 4 days at a time (it use to be 2 weeks, I do count that blessing) and now he is only home for 2 days in between. There are other things that bug me too but I don't think my blog is a place to air that laundry. I am ok for the most part but I am finding it tough to find me time. As I type this I sound really selfish to myself but I know I need some time to recharge too.
3. Which brings me to this... I signed up or a 5k! yikes!! I really do hate running but last year I did the Cardston kids marathon and I really liked the rush of the crowd and all the excitement. So when I saw the link online for the Color me Rad run in Calgary, I really wanted to sign up. it looks like so much fun. Then I found our my awesome Aunts were doing it, I said sign me up. And now I am committed.
4. I like blogging in point form. I think in point form and my mind is always jumping from one thought to the other. What amazes me is how I can be thinking one thing and suddenly I am thinking something totally different but it is all linked. This drives the Hubby crazy sometimes!
5. Now that I think of it there are few things I get to do this spring to give me a break. One is the Time out for Women. I get to go with my Mom again and also a few friends. I loved it when I got to go in 2011 and I am looking forward to the uplift this year! They are issuing challenges along the way and this week/months challenge is to THINK HIGHER.
I believe that is what got me back to  my blog today. I took the time this morning to shut off all media and just ponder where I am at and some of the goals I have for myself. And I really want my kids to know the real me. Not this monster I can turn into when I am overwhelmed, or the slave driver cracking the whip. I really want them to know what makes me, me!
6. Again this year Hubby and I are joining my brother and his wife for...
     I love going to Cirque. I love the big tent they set up in Calgary. And I love this date with the Hubby. It seems to come every year or so and it is something we love to do together.
7. I am really looking forward to summer. We have lots of camping already planned in the form of reunions. But I am excited to do some camping with my mom too.
8. My Brother is getting remarried and I am thrilled for him. His fiancĂ© is really kind and she really loves him. It see a huge improvement in his happiness and wish him all he happiness he deserves.
9. I am making a cookbook for our Parker Family reunion and I have been gathering tons of recipes. One of the bonuses of making a cookbook is that I have lots of ideas for supper everyday. I am excited to see how it turns out.
10. I am slowly running out of thoughts. My kids are hovering and the laundry needs changing. My parents may come visit tomorrow and bring me an identical sectional to the one I have already (mine is That's all for today.

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  1. Yay!! Your back I miss you!! Love that your doing the color run I really want to but its the same time as all the town stuff and the kids love it! Yay for new couches recipes and blogging again!!