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Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's 10

1. So my blog is going pictureless for a while. Unless they are iPhone pictures. My camera is broken and my external hard drive is not working. I have the drive at my awesome repair guy, so I hope he can fix it or at least save my photos. I thought I was backing them up by putting them there but I also lost them on my computer when we got a new one.

2. So I am now saving to buy another camera, vinyl for my new contour cutter, and wood to build my raised garden.

3. Oh! I have a industrial size vinyl cutter!! The hubby never does anything on a small scale. I asked for a silhouette for Christmas and opened a huge cutter instead. But he did overlook the vinyl, and it only takes rolls which are harder to find then sheets. Thanks to the internet and my love of online shopping.

4. Its birthday season around here. Each of my kids birthdays are in the beginning of the year. So I am a cake making queen right now. Dallin got little football cupcakes, Madison got a fondant zebra cake. (my first ever and and it was awesome). Logan wants a fondant Monkey cake and Caitlyn wants and elephant.  We will see how it goes.

5. A little complaint!! The kids just had a week off school for family day and reading week! And now they have another day off. It's maddening! The kids have been fighting off and on since 7 am!! They do not need more time off school right in the middle of winter!!

6. The job front is not going so good for the hubby. He has a full time but he is gone from home too much. I would love for him to get a job that lets him be home at night.

7. New neighbors have dogs which they let run wild! Drive my dogs crazy and chases off my cats. We may live in the country but dogs should not run wild.

8. Okay I have complained enough! Good news! My Brother gets married tonite, in the temple! Now I will not be the only sibling in my family to be sealed.

9. I am still trying to do one pinterest pin a week. This week I am going to make ranch dressing mix. I have done the taco seasoning and love it. I hope the ranch is just as good.

10. I don't think I like blogging without photos! I will try and fix it before next post.

P.S  I found a way to add pictures from my Google+

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