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Friday, June 19, 2015

Well my time has been allocated to a totally different place than my blog since my last post. I put my kids a little bit more in the front of my priority list. So lately my life has been kids, work, soccer(kids), basketball(kids), Golf(kids) and once in a while a date night with hubby.
Up until about a couple weeks ago I have also stuck with my workouts and walking and eating like I should. But since my in-laws moved in the workouts have waned and the food has been a little bit bad.  Too many treats around. But again I am going to renew my commitment and get back in the saddle. No weight gains thankfully, but if I keep up the bad habits that will change very quickly. 
Yes you read correctly the in-laws moved in a bit ago and it has been an adjustment especially since Hubby is gone a lot more than normal.  They sold their house and the new one still has a renter. So for now dinner is made some days when I get home and others I cook just a bit more for us all. 
I am lucky though, I have great in-laws. They kinda spoil me with the helping out with the kids and cooking and cleaning.  I think anyone could live with their in-laws if they were like mine. 
As I mentioned Hubby is gone a lot more lately because he got a casual position in  Waterton as a Firefighter/EMT.  I have to say he loves his job and I can't blame him when he gets to work in such a beautiful place.

 The upside for me is that I get to go up and visit whenever I want. In fact the kids and I are going to go up on Sunday and spend Fathers Day barbecuing for the best Dad and Husband in the world.
And to top it off, some of my favorite people are coming with us. 
I think we are so spoiled living in such an amazing place as we do. I love my small acreage and my small town. I love the mountains so close and I feel so blessed to have family so close to share it all with. 
I am very much looking forward to the start of summer, which for me is next week, not only do I get to spend more time with my kids but we have a great summer of camping planned. I hope to be able to blog a bit about the places we go and the adventure we have, so stay tuned. 
And just to end I have to say I have grown to love working at the school and love having the same schedule as my kids. I am so blessed that I get to go back next year and do it again. But this time I am so happy to say That I get to do something even better next year.  I get to be the Librarian for the elementary school.....

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