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Monday, January 19, 2015

I called in sick to work today.  The first time in 13 years that I actually had to admit I was sick.  Moms don't get sick we just tough it out and get things done. But as I was making the kids lunches and hacking up my other lung (lost the first one yesterday), and I figured I better not spread my infectious disease onto (yes onto) 28 innocent children. That does not include my own because it was those 4 darlings who brought this upon me.  
Its strange though, I really do want to curl up in bed and sleep the day away but there is something in me that just doesn't feel good about sleeping the day away.
On the other hand, I have no inner voice telling me it is wrong to read the day away. 
And that is just what I did. 3 books completed this weekend and I am looking for #4 right after this. Your body is still resting and recuperating right!!  It is just the brain and eyes working!!

If your curious about the books I have read this weekend or any other of the hundreds I have read you can follow me on Goodreads. I really love books and reading which wasn't always the case. In school I avoided them as much as possible which seems like a big flaw in thinking, which is why I encourage my kids to read. But I have to remember that I wasn't always like this and that kids have a lot of other things to occupy there time too.

On the subject of reading, I took up a challenge this year that is helping me with my spiritual goals. I took on the BofM365 Challenge of Instagram.  It is a everyday reading challenge and they ask a question to go along with the verses each day.  The questions have really helped me to open up my eyes to see the blessing, and trial and triumphs I have been through. Reading the Book of Mormon everyday, and not just doing it because I am told to but really thinking about what I have read has been a great blessing in my everyday life.
I have a little book that I am writing everything down in, with an actual real pen and paper! It has been great especially since I am a terrible journal writer.  I am glad to be able to get these experiences down as well as relate them to scripture. 

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