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Saturday, January 10, 2015

You've probably noticed it's not Thursday. So I am already messing up on my resolutions. This one at least. With the hubby not being home to help out with the driving of kids from here to there my week is a little bit more hectic than I would like. I sure do like it when his shift allows him to help out. Supper is at a reasonable time and all the kids get to all there activities on time too.  

Mom's taxi never goes off duty, apparently. (Courtesy of, which sells this image as a tin sign)

One of the downfalls of working full time is that I am not able to be the runner of shoes, skates, lunches and cub shirts every time one is forgotten on the mad rush out to the bus in the morning. Dad fills this roll 4 days of the week if his home shift is during school days. And he does it the same way I did. Not to happy about it but these are our kids and we do anything and everything for them. Cause we love them. Yes even during those times and days we want to strangle them or leave them on the side of the road to fight it out on the long walk home. 
But on the upside of this job thing, He gets to do all the fetching... and I get to see my kids in their environment. See how they interact with their friends and get a little bit more of the inside scoop when it comes to where they need a little help academically.  
The best thing about my job is the 1 hour, everyday I get to spend in the Library. My dream job!! I love working with the books and I also love working with the Grade 5&6 kids in there. I love being able to recommend books to these kids and see them really enjoy reading.
Reading is one of my favorite things to do, and to see kids that struggle with reading find a story that really catches there imagination is very rewarding.
Another upside is the benefits. Now the pay isn't very much just enough to take the edge off the bills and food consumed by our hoard. But the benefits along with Hubbies make it so I can actually go to the dentist and not feel guilty about taking needed services and money from my kids. 
I am not sure if all moms feel this way. I know my mom went without a lot of things so me and my siblings could have stuff. And that's exactly how I feel most of the time.  I don't know when the last time I got all new clothes. For me its when it is worn thin that I think about replacing it.  And usually when it is worn thin I don't want to give it up because its been a favorite. But in the past I didn't even think about going to the dentist or optometrist for myself because that was money my kids needed. And now with benefits, and the amazing ones the school gives, I have clean white teeth and new contact lenses and no guilt!
To end this post I wanted to recommend a book!  I picked up this book as I sat in my classroom waiting for my kids to come back from phys ed and I didn't want to put it down. I now read it in all of my breaks. I haven't finished yet but it has me hooked. It is about a Chinese girl adopted into a Canadian family. She was a orphan in china when only one child was allowed per family and boys were the desired choice. 
Throwaway Daughter is an amazing read, not just for you but your young readers too. It is rated level 6 reader if you know how the system works. If not that is around a grade 6 reading level. 
I love reading about Chinese culture and how it has changed over the years, so that may contribute to my love of this book. But it is a very good story and I hope with have an even better ending. I will let you know.

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  1. Great post! Way to see the positive you are amazing!! I miss ya though!!